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Carlos Antonio Piñón

artist, writer, performer

The Contract Sick Boy Asleep Day's End At the Fireside Fish Peddler Quarrel Over Cards Country Idyll Evicted Mother and Children

Reinterpretations of Human Character. 2015. Databending Glitch Images.

This series of glitch sketches was born out of my intial reserach during SAIC's 150th year celebration. Assigned the year 1896, I combed through publications produced by the Art Institute of Chicago from that year until I found a book titled "Portraits and Picutres." This turned an exhibition book containing works by August Franzen.

Knowing I had wanted to work with my glitch technique, I chose of Franzen's works from the "Interpretations of Human Character" series to manipulate, but after being unable to find images of those works online, I settled for picking any image I found on Google after searching the titles of Franzen's pieces.

Though ulimately, I took my project in a different direction with Skyview, I ended up coming back to the initial idea of finding my muse in books and glitches in Missteps and Misprints.

In order of apperance:

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