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Carlos Antonio Piñón

artist, writer, performer

Carlos Antonio Piñón performing in the 2017 BFAW Reading at the LeRoy Neiman Center. Photographer: Qais Assali.


Currenty no upcoming events or exhibitions. Tell me about it.

Looking to take part in a storytelling show yourself? You're in luck! Chicago has so many options for you.

You're Being Ridiculous is always looking for new storytellers, whether it's your first time on stage or your hundreth time. Check out the submission details at yourebeingridiculous.com/submit.

Is This a Thing? is a free storytelling show born out of a live lit class from Studio Story Chicago. Check out more information about the show and how to submit at storystudiochicago.com/is-this-a-thing-absolutely/.

Chicago for Chicagoans is pay-what-you-can walking tour of Chicago neighorhoods led by history nerds. Check out more information about how to get involved at chicagoforchicagoans.org/contact.

Art Speaks is a monthly reading series for poets and writers at the Catherine Edelman Gallery. Check out more information about how to participate at edelmangallery.com/projects-menu/storytime.html.

Past Events

Tribe 2019 Art Speaks 2019 Chicago for Chicagoans 2019 Is This a Thing 2019 You're Being Ridiculous 2018 Tribe 2018 You're Being Ridiculous 2018 Tribe 2017 062 Opening BFAW Reading Spring BFA Show Practice, Theory, and History Lecturas You're Being Ridiculous 2017 Verse: Poetry Square of Opposition Waveforms Telegraphic Fields (Next Transmissions) Misprints Verse: Beauty Telegraphic Fields (First and Live Transmissions) Lecturas Lecturas Original Instruments Ensemble New Blood VIII BuckArt-37th