The Shadow Projekt is a sleeping giant that will awake in the future to protect the village's mystical art. The mission is to spread all forms of art across the world including and not limited to that of music, visual arts, and writings that will utilize every sense in the human body.

Need an outlet for what you feel? Want to become an artist? I encourage you. Let's do an experiment. If you're feeling down and want to cause injury to yourself, don't. It'll get better. Believe in yourself and become more confident. Once you decide to let go, all of your worries will be eased. Trust me with this.

I want you to write all of your worries down in this box. All of them.
Once you're done, click the button then continue reading. I support you.
Come on, just write everything you'll never say.

Write whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

They're gone now.
Have some fun.
Use this time to think about what actually matters to you.
Use this time to think about things you want to think about.
Think about things that interest you.
Forget about everything for a second and focus on yourself.
Forget about your grades, your bills, or anything else.
Just for a second.
Do that one thing you've been wanting to do for weeks.
From here, feel free to take a look around at the things that I have created.
Or not. You can focus on your own things, too.
Go and create a whole new world.
This will still be here upon your return.

copyright © 2013 - Carlos Antonio Piñón - The Shadow Projekt