Hi, my name is Carlos P.

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I like to write quotes, draw art, take photographs and sing songs. I speak English as a main language, but am learning Spanish and German. I am also the creator of The Shadow Projekt, which is a sleeping giant that will awake in the future to protect the village's mystical art. What I do with my thoughts: think about them, draw about them, write about them, and hell, even sing about them.

You know I had a job, once. I worked at a computer place fixing computers. Everyday, it was the same thing over and over again. At the time, I loved everything about computers, but since then, I think I have matured at least a bit. Now I want nothing (career wise) to do with computers, but instead, I want to be a writer.

The Shadow Projekt is my past, present and future. All of my hopes and dreams are embedded in this idea of being a shadow. If you would like to see what this really about, click on the photo with the "TSP" logo to find out.

My life is centered around four major things: photography, drawing, music and writing. Right now, I currently don't play and instruments or have any music recorded, but I will one day. Anyway, if things haven't gotten personal enough, it's about to begin.


I think photography is fun. I like being able to capture things to view them later. Especially nature, such as pets that grow older. Photos hold a high sentimental value to many people. People have photographs of loved ones and memories that may be gone now. Anyway, here's a few of my favorites:

cat Paintbrush sky dog


I'm truly in love with all types of art. Typically, when one thinks of art, a paintbrush is the first thing that comes to mind. Yet I think differently. Art is an expression of human emotion, released in any shape or form that applies to any of the human senses. But anyway, here's my favorite:

Rose in hand

With A Rose In My Hand

There's a kind of story behind this one. Ever have one of those moments when you have someone on your mind so much that you forget what you were doing and you completely do something different? Yeah, that happened here. I was going to draw a pirate on a boat with his foot on the side of the boat like he's the captain, but I started thinking about someone. The cape the pirate had turned into a tie floating in the wind. The pirate hat turned into just a regular hat and the claw became roses. Instead of having his foot on the side of a boat like a captain, he kneeled down like a humble man—asking for her hand. But I made a mistake. I took too long, but I'll always have this memory—even if the paper's gone and the photos are erased, I'll still have her eyes engraved on the back of my mind and my first reaction will be for me to kneel down on leg with a rose in my hand.

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