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Carlos Antonio Piñón

artist, writer, performer


Hey guys!

I'm offering some glitch art commissions at some reasonable prices. You will send me one (1) image per commission, which I have the right to decline. You may suggest descriptions on style (whether I maintain a recognizable form of your original image or completely transform it) and color (which I will do my best to achieve, but only one is guaranteed.)

Here is the breakdown on the packages:

Basic - $5

For the basic package, you will receive the three (3) best images produced in the web-ready JPG format. This has the quickest turnaround.

Medium - $10

For the medium package, you will receive all of the images produced in the high-quality PNG format (as well as web-ready JPGs.)

Full - $20

For the full package, you will receive all of the images produced in the print-quality TIFF format (as well as PNGs and JPGs.) Additionally, you will receive a GIF compiled from all of your images.

** All images will be labeled with the technique used to create the image on Audacity. All prices are rough estimates, but I will work to keep the prices as close as possible! Please allow 1-3 days.

Email me at carkus8@gmail.com to get started!

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