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Carlos Antonio Piñón broadcasting Misprints on Free Radio SAIC.


Although music is an art of it's own, it's different than sound art. Most music follows certain patterns developed over a long time, while sound artists like to experiment. Instead of getting all nuanced, I've distinguished two groups of audio work: music-based work and text-based work.

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Sound Art

Album Art

Collecting the Notes by Cardinal Cable

Back in July 2017, the absolutely wonderful Andy Shoop released a new EP, Collecting the Notes, under his stage name, Crossed Wire. Andy has since changed his name to Cardinal Cable.

Andy, whose amazing music keeps improving with every release, gave me the gracious honor of including my art on the cover.

Go have a listen and get your virtual hands the EP on Bandcamp!

Physical Albums

Aloud (Text​/​Voice​/​Process)



Frequent collaborator Hadley Banozac collaborated again on this project. I provided the audio while Hadley provided the video.

Other Sound-Based Projects

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Broken Dreams
Net Art

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Artist's Book

Nude Portrait of a Male Figure I



The genre of glitch art I like to do is known as databending sonification. This means I take an ordinary image, open it up in a digital audio workstation like Audacity, and then I apply audio effects. Some of my favorite effects are echo, high pass filter, and reverb. Afterwards, the audio is converted back to an image where the effects can be seen. In 2015, I started a project named Misprints that involved reinterpreting entire books to audio. As a part of this project, I broadcasted the audio of an entire book when opened in Audacity. The following is documentation of every episode:

Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is an artist and writer examining how people interact with words and language. His main interests include nonfiction essays, artists' books, and databending sonification. Carlos holds an BFA with an Emphasis in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago.