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Carlos Antonio Piñón

artist, writer, performer

Hello World!

Welcome to my online portfolio!

Whether you're here for writing, for glitch art, or on accident, I hope you enjoy, or even get inspired by, all the work I have available here.

Please come back often for new work, event and exhibition announcements, and other updates.

Here are some useful links:


GLITCH ART—This year, I started streaming my glitch art on Twitch. Drop a follow on my channel to be notified the next time I go live!


Got a question about glitch art?
Check out my frequently asked questions page.


Art Essays—Learn more about the story behind each art piece! I'll be writing occasional essays about each piece, as well as my influences and inspirations.

Visit the writing page for these essays and more.


Still Longing - 8/21/19: Finding inspiration for your masterpiece in someone else's work.

Web Archives

Website Archives - 7/10/19: A step-by-step description of how my website has evolved since 2011.

Read Me

Keep Reading Me - 6/24/19: Getting over that first art block and creating a legacy as an amateur creator.


Rotating and Orbiting Again - 5/30/19: Making, remaking, and unmaking the same art piece over and over.


Being Then/Emerging Now - 4/29/19: Finding new meaning in old art work simply by remembering.

Paper Dreams & Other Collections

Five Years of Paper Dreams - 3/29/19: Looking back at my very first book and the process of making it happen.

Rainbow Road

Revisiting Rainbow Road - 2/2/19: How an art school assignment became a personal homage to childhood.


Handmade sketchbooks on Etsy.

Looking for the perfect gift? Shop from a selection of handmade sketchbooks over on Etsy.


carkus8 commissions. $5 - basic package. $10 - medium package. $20 - full package.

I'm offering commissions! More info at carlospinon.com/commissions