Carlos Antonio Piñón

artist, writer, performer

To My Best Friend

by Carlos Antonio Piñón & Moises Garcia
November 10, 2012

What defines a friendship?
How can it be as useless as a beehive with no honey,
Yet as pivotal as a mother's love?
Is a friendship even real, does it exist?
Do we imagine it to comfort ourselves?
What separates friends from strangers?
Can a stranger be a friend?
Can a friend be a stranger?
Does a bee live only for its hive?
What if a child lacks love from the mother?

What if you don't know anything about a person,
Yet you feel connection—is that a friendship?
Do we make friends because of similarity?
Or because of approval or empathy?
Is it a norm we're compelled to follow,
Lest we become an outcast?
Is friendship the product of pity?
Or something much more extraordinary?

These questions are neverending
and there are no certain answers to be found.
A beehive is nothing without bees
working together for a common goal,
A mother's smile is nothing without her child's.
If you are going to be friends with someone,
Make sure it's with someone you enjoy spending time with
Because they can certainly make or break you.

Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is an artist and writer examining how people interact with words and language. His main interests include nonfiction essays, artists' books, and databending sonification. Carlos holds an BFA with an Emphasis in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago.