Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is a Chicago-born artist and writer seeking to destroy the sentence. His work has been featured in several recycle bins throughout the city, most often with a better draft already in progress.

Carlos's biggest secret is that he has no idea how to write. Like no idea. He just kind of smashes the keys on his laptop hoping they form complete sentences. He wrote his last essay by throwing darts at a dictionary.

Paper Dreams & Other Collections Paper Dreams & Other Collections Paper Dreams & Other Collections

Excerpts from Paper Dreams & Other Collections. 2013. Performance.

This was my first public reading ever. This was the first time I wasn't reading aloud in front of a class, but instead, to a room of strangers. The reading was held at the Siragusa Gallery at 162 N. State Street, which was the only SAIC dorm building I had not lived in while I attended school. The exhibition, Buck-Art 37th, was something the staff at the Buckingham Residence Hall, where I had been living in, invited our floor to participate in.

I remember being excited to exhibit some sculptures I had made, as well as a drawing I had done, because there wasn't a way I could display my writing yet. "I can't just do a reading," I remember saying, to which my RA responded, "Why not?" So, it was because of this show, I set myself up a little stage with the help of so many people. I picked pieces from my not-yet published book, Paper Dreams & Other Collections, and practiced so many times until the day of the show.

Almost my entire family was in attendence. It was a very proud moment for me, and I will cherish the opportunity forever.

Carlos Antonio Piñón

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