Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is a Chicago-born artist and writer seeking to destroy the sentence. His work has been featured in several recycle bins throughout the city, most often with a better draft already in progress.

Carlos's biggest secret is that he has no idea how to write. Like no idea. He just kind of smashes the keys on his laptop hoping they form complete sentences. He wrote his last essay by throwing darts at a dictionary.

From left to right: Over a Century, E+D, Course Catalog. Exhibition book: not pictured.


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In this highly experimental work, Carlos Antonio Piñón blends literary work with visual aesthetics. Misprints is a collection of books reinterpreted from their original source via a form of glitch art known as Databending Sonification.

While researching archival material in the Art Institute of Chicago's Ryerson & Burnham Libraries, Piñón came across to several past SAIC publications and became fascinated with books as a material. In response, Piñón chose three publications to reinterpret: the 1896 course catalog, the 1982 Over a Century book by Roger Gilmore, and the Spring 2016 E+D magazine. Piñón scanned every single page of each of these books, glitched them through a digital audio workstation, and then recompiled the pages back into brand new books.

The results of this experiment are three beautiful artists' books that bring new life into the old material. Each page is handled differently, transforming forgotten words into works of art again.

Additionally, Piñón has also written and published an exhibition book by the same name that documents the process of creating this work, from conception to exhibition.

Misprints was originally created in the SAIC 150: Repeat Transmissions class in 2016.

All books are perfect bound with the exception of E+D, which is saddle stitch.

Bundle: Save on your order by purchasing all 4 books at once.
Price: $125

Course Catalog: 70 pages. 5¼" × 7½" (13 cm × 19 cm).
Price: $40

Over a Century: 132 pages. 7½" × 9" (19 cm × 23 cm).
Price: $50

E+D: 56 pages. 8" × 11¼" (20 cm × 29 cm).
Price: $35

Exhibition Booklet: 78 pages. 5¼" × 7½" (13 cm × 19 cm).
Price: $25


Note: All perfect bound and saddle stitch books are printed by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Service Bureau. Please allow a month for delivery for orders to be made, picked up, and shipped.

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