Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is a Chicago-born artist and writer seeking to destroy the sentence. His work has been featured in several recycle bins throughout the city, most often with a better draft already in progress.

Carlos's biggest secret is that he has no idea how to write. Like no idea. He just kind of smashes the keys on his laptop hoping they form complete sentences. He wrote his last essay by throwing darts at a dictionary.

Copyright Notice

You are allowed to take any of my pieces as a platform or inspiration and make them into your own thing. To me, "copying" is an important part of creating art. You have to watch someone else take the steps before you learn the dance. But you can only learn so much from just watching; you have to step in their shoes and experience to get a full spectrum of learning. By all means, use any of my art as a prompt—stem off from my ideas, explore things further, create your own piece, but what is prohibited is the act of using my creative property as your own. This includes claiming you wrote a piece when you did not. This also includes using the exact text written, but only changing a few words. In these two examples of claiming another's property, you did not create anything. This is lazy because in any situation, you have so much potential to put your own personal touch. That's what's important. Be smart, be creative, be you.


Carlos Antonio Piñón

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