Carlos Antonio Piñón

artist, writer, performer

Mid-Slap Instrument. 2015. PVC pipes wrapped in rubber bands in a wood frame.

DIY instrument created for SAIC's instrument construction class. The Mid-Slap can be played with rubber baking spatulas, the soles of rubber sandals, or even the palm of your hand. Cut to specific lengths, each pipe plays a different note when struck.

The Mid-Slap was first debuted at the LeRoy Neiman Center in 2015 during an improvisational performance with other Instrument Construction students led by Eric Leonardson, the professor of the class.

Here is documentation of that performance:

Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is an artist and writer examining how people interact with words and language. His main interests include nonfiction essays, artists' books, and databending sonification. Carlos holds an BFA with an Emphasis in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago.