Carlos Antonio Piñón

artist, writer, performer

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Monthly Highlights

Every month, I will take one art piece and talk about the process of making it. While these monthly highlights started as bonus material for subscribing patrons on Patreon, for me, they became exercises in nonfiction writing and fond remembrances of my time in art school.

Below are several essays on art for your reading pleasure:

Website Archives

Website Archives - 7/10/19: A step-by-step description of how my website has evolved since 2011.

Read Me

Keep Reading Me - 6/24/19: Getting over that first art block and creating a legacy as an amateur creator.


Rotating and Orbiting Again - 5/30/19: Making, remaking, and unmaking the same art piece over and over.


Being Then/Emerging Now - 4/29/19: Finding new meaning in old art work simply by remembering.

Paper Dreams & Other Collections

Five Years of Paper Dreams - 3/29/19: Looking back at my very first book and the process of making it happen.

Rainbow Road

Revisiting Rainbow Road - 2/2/19: How an art school assignment became a personal homage to childhood.

Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is an artist and writer examining how people interact with words and language. His main interests include nonfiction essays, artists' books, and databending sonification. Carlos holds a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.