Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is a Chicago-born artist and writer seeking to destroy the sentence. His work has been featured in several recycle bins throughout the city, most often with a better draft already in progress.

Carlos's biggest secret is that he has no idea how to write. Like no idea. He just kind of smashes the keys on his laptop hoping they form complete sentences. He wrote his last essay by throwing darts at a dictionary.

Carlos Antonio Piñón posing in front of his installation in the 2017 Fall BFA Show at Sullivan Galleries. Photographer: Ariel Carter.


Carlos Antonio Piñón is an artist and writer examining how people interact with words and language. His main interests include nonfiction essays, artists' books, and databending sonification. Carlos holds a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

As a bookbinder and glitch artist, Carlos has shown work at the Siragusa Gallery, the LeRoy Neiman Center, the Gene Siskel Film Center, the MacLean Center, the Page Gallery, the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries, Sullivan Galleries, the Zhou B Art Center, and Gallery 2501.

As an essayist and performer, Carlos has also performed live at the Rudy Lozano, Albany Park, and Back of the Yards Chicago Public Libraries, as well as Links Hall, Uncommon Ground (Edgewater), O'Shaughnessy's Public House, the Jackson Junge Gallery, and the Steppenwolf Theatre. The storytelling shows he has participated in include You're Being Ridiculous, Is This a Thing?, and Lecturas. He also briefly hosted a show on Free Radio SAIC.

Currently, Carlos works for Blick Art Materials as web content coordinator. Previously, he's held several positions at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, including as teaching assistant and as digital asset assistant. Post-graduation, Carlos worked in a variety of different positions such as a canvasser, a tax professional, a janitorial assistant, and even as a bike delivery courier.

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