Carlos Antonio Piñón

Carlos Antonio Piñón is a Chicago-born artist and writer seeking to destroy the sentence. His work has been featured in several recycle bins throughout the city, most often with a better draft already in progress.

Carlos's biggest secret is that he has no idea how to write. Like no idea. He just kind of smashes the keys on his laptop hoping they form complete sentences. He wrote his last essay by throwing darts at a dictionary.

Hello World!

Well, here we are. You, sitting at your device, ready to embark on your journey to this heaping tangle of code, and me, sitting on top of that heap like a royal trash king. You might be eager to jump straight into rummaging about, but as the ruler of this junkyard, I must request that you please excuse the mess.

For now, please visit for art until I get this place running again.

Carlos Antonio Piñón

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